How This Vacuum Cleaner Can Help You

Effectively Picking Up Dirts

With 38kPA suction power, this vacuum cleaner can effectively picking up dirt, dust, and debris from various surfaces.

Effectively Reduce Hair Entaglement

Newly upgraded V-shaped rolling brush effectively reduce hair entanglement. Flexible brush head support 0°-180° sideways and 0°-90° up and down swivel steering. With additional 6 bright LED lights it illuminates all corner and hidden dust.

Clean Longer, Charge Less

Our vacuum cleaner features a 10 x 2500mAh large-capacity battery, ensuring extended cleaning sessions with less frequent recharging.

90-Minute Clean Sweep

Achieve deep cleaning with 90 minutes of strong suction per charge. Perfect for efficient, uninterrupted tidying. Ideal for homes needing thorough, hassle-free cleanups.

Trapping Fine Dust Securely

With a 0.7L dustbin and dual H12 Hepa + Sponge Filtering, this vacuum captures every speck, ensuring a deeply purified home environment. Ideal for meticulous cleaners.

See Clearly With LED-lit Vacuum

Illuminate hidden dust with 6 bright LED lights. Our vacuum's LED headlight enhances visibility in dark corners, ensuring no dirt escapes. Perfect for thorough, precise cleaning.

5 Years Peace of Mind

Enjoy long-lasting reliability with our 5-year warranty vacuum. Designed for durability and peace of mind, ensuring years of stress-free cleaning.