The enhanced Floor Washer every household needs, the MMX Aero Max iPro S878+ Cordless Floor Washer

The enhanced Floor Washer every household needs, the MMX Aero Max iPro S878+ Cordless Floor Washer

We know that vacuuming and mopping floors can be a chore. This is why getting a combination vacuum-mop, which allows you to sweep, vacuum, and mop your floors simultaneously, is a game-changer.

Why? It's easier to clean up after spills. It's straightforward; press a button to switch between dry and wet vacuum. It's user-friendly. It also eliminates the need to bring a bucket around while wringing your mop. 

Here's where the MMX Aero Max iPro S878+ Smart Wet & Dry Floor Washer comes in. It's developed to make your life easier, cleaning more efficiently and effectively. This device is also suited for any household, whether living alone, with a big family, with kids or even with pets!

Here are six reasons why it will be perfect for your home: 

1) All-powerful Deep Cleaning Device

Japanese Nidec motors and 18kPa suction power activate this gadget and turn on a seamless cleaning experience. Plus, it's covered with a 5-year local manufacturer warranty too. How great is that?

You can use it on most house surfaces - carpets, tiles, flooring etc. In addition to that, it sterilises 99.9% of harmful microorganisms as it mops. 

It's not just another vacuum-mop combo; it's also rated IPX4-level waterproof. It's protected from water, regardless of direction, and the entire Floor Washer is 100% waterproof! 

2) Dynamic Cleaning Modes

How many modes can a Floor Washer have? With MMX Aero Max iPro S878+, you can switch to four different modes with one device. All it takes is one button!

Modes: Eco Mode, Max Mode, Sterilisation Mode and Water Absorption Mode

Here's a lowdown on the different modes. 

  • Max mode kicks it into full gear, with deep cleaning activated and more water used. It's best to use this when there's a huge mess, and it's easier to clean while mopping up the spills on the floor. 
  • When you pick Sterilisation Mode, it will sterilise the water, turning it into electrolyte water for bacterial elimination. Use this to clean your floors regularly and keep your home safe. 
  • Did you accidentally spill your freshly brewed coffee on the floor? Or did your toddler have a little too much fun with the water tap, and everything spilt over? This is where the Water Absorption Mode comes in handy. Use this mode to absorb all the water and speed up your cleaning process.  

3) Smart Assistance for your Home

Need to fill up the water tanks? Are you running low on battery? MMX Aero Max iPro S878+ Smart Voice Assistant will be of service. You can depend on the voice assistant to provide the real-time working status (battery levels) and cleaning controls. 

While you can rely on the LED lights to indicate battery levels, this is an added advantage to make cleaning more efficient. 

4) Let this Floor Washer do the heavy lifting on your behalf

Hands-free self-cleaning has never been more convenient. When the vacuum cleaner is not in use, you can leave it at the self-cleaning dock station. 

The Centrifugal Dry feature will reduce the chances of bacteria breeding in your vacuum as it cleans. It takes a grand total of only two minutes, all of which will be done without getting your hands dirty!

5) Cross-contamination prevented

Simplify your cleaning routine with an 800ml clean water tank and 720ml sewage water tank. Cross-contamination can be avoided thanks to dual water tanks. 

Just add MMX Cleaning Solution with the water in the clean water tank, and watch as the dirty water tank collects all the gunk. You can empty the sewage water tank once it's full and continue cleaning. 

6) Ergonomically Designed and Optimised for you

This lightweight floor washer has an ergonomically shaped handle, and thanks to Self-Driving Degradation, it's easy to manoeuvre around the furniture. It's also suitable for teens to use. 

Noise levels remain below 66dB and won't disrupt the household while you clean. That's right; your baby can continue sleeping soundly while you keep the house tidy. 

Furthermore, one of the main safety features is that it will automatically switch off if it's overloaded. So there's no need to worry about the device overheating or causing a power trip if anything happens. 

If you're wondering why the MMX Aero Max iPro S878+ Cordless Floor Washer has similar features to the MMX Aero Max ProS738, it's an upgraded version with some key features. 

MMX Aero Max ProS738 is just as effective - 2-in-1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Dual Water Tanks, TurnKey Cleaning Feature and ergonomically designed for everyday use. 

These are the key differences to help you differentiate between the two models: