The ultimate stubborn stain remover in Malaysia - MMX Aero Pro S656 Corded Fabric & Upholstery Spot Cleaner is here to save the day

The ultimate stubborn stain remover in Malaysia - MMX Aero Pro S656 Corded Fabric & Upholstery Spot Cleaner is here to save the day

Whether you have children who spilt their snacks or are just looking for a way to keep your home spotless, the Aero Pro S656 Corded Fabric & Upholstery Spot Cleaner was built with YOU in mind. 

It's a powerful spot cleaner designed to tackle all the tough stains on fabric and upholstery, and there isn't even a need to rinse it off afterwards! 

Here are five reasons this device will give you peace of mind and keep your home clean. 

1) Simple steps: Spray, Brush, Extract, Absorb...and repeat! 

Only four steps to keep the home clean? Sign me up!

It's that easy to clean with Aero Pro S656. You can clean almost any type of upholstery, curtains, and carpets. With a 650W motor and 12,000Pa strong suction power, this high-pressure water spray will get deep stains out more quickly.

You can give your couches, chairs, mattresses, pillows, car seats, and even your child's car seats the deep clean they need. It also works as a carpet cleaner for your home. 

2) Deep Cleaning made simple 

As much as we'd like to ensure that all our drinks are on coasters, accidents may happen. Or, with children and pets around, it takes more work to control the cleanliness of your home. So instead of stressing about coffee spills and pet urine stains on your furniture, let this device handle deep cleaning afterwards. 

Add MMX Deodorizing & Cleaning Solution to the tank, and press one button to spray the cleaning solution and target stubborn spots. The fabric cleaner will lift the dirt from the fabric, and you'll notice the difference after a few scrubs. Just repeat the process until it's clean. That’s deep cleaning for you!  

Note: We highly recommend using MMX Deodorizing & Cleaning Solution. It's specially designed for MMX Wet & Dry Vacuums. Other solutions might corrode or damage the vacuum as they have not been tested with MMX devices and, thus, may void the warranty. 

3) Portable and Light-weight

Corded convenience means you don't need to deal with recharging or emptying any batteries. Remember to use the 5m cord and reach hidden spots behind the bed or at the sides of your sofa. You'll never know what might have spilt in these areas. 

Aero Pro S656 is also cleverly designed to fit into small spaces, is easy to carry about and can be stored effortlessly. After cleaning, you can wrap the flexible cord around the base to keep it tidy and carry it to its designated storage area. 

4) Dual Water Tanks

This portable spot cleaner holds two water tanks, 1.4L for clean water and a 1.2L sewage tank. Once the sewage tank is filled, the fabric brush immediately stops suctioning all the dirt. Just clear the dirty water, and you're good to go again. 

5) The MMX Guarantee 

"My product seems faulty. What can I do ah?" "How many years is the warranty for this?"

One of the main concerns when purchasing a product is its after-sales service. Rest assured, the team at MMX will be swift in responding and sorting out any issues. For example, if you're in Klang Valley, their team will be able to fix the products immediately. If the items cannot be repaired, they will be exchanged 1:1. 

Aero Pro S656 is also SIRIM Certified and comes with a 2-years warranty (for motor only). 

MMX is an international home appliances brand with a presence in America, Korea, Japan, China and, over the past 6 years (and growing), a strong foothold in Malaysia. MMX aims to provide quality products without sacrificing design, affordability, and excellent after-sales service.