Best Vacuum Cleaner 2023 A MUST-HAVE for a Household with Kids and Toddlers! Is this Vacuum Cleaner a Godsend?

Best Vacuum Cleaner 2023 A MUST-HAVE for a Household with Kids and Toddlers! Is this Vacuum Cleaner a Godsend?

Meet the Aero Max Pro S738 or we called as Best Vacuum Cleaner 2023. This 2-in-1 Floor Washer allows you to deep clean the house easily, but is reaaaaaally it a godsend? 

Why We Called It as Best Vacuum Cleaner 2023

Fellow M'sians, we'll let you be the judge of it. Let's dive into the details of Aero Max Pro S738's specs. 

It’s the ULTIMATE Floor Washer

When we say floor washer, we really mean FLOOR WASHER. 

Accidentally dropped a piping hot bowl of Maggi noodles? This Floor Washer will clean the ENTIRE mess. It will literally EAT them all up (by cleaning them)

Testing baby-led weaning with your baby and they throw all the food on the ground? The Floor Washer will clean every last bit. 

Stubborn stains and spills in the toilet? The Floor Washer will be ready to suck up all the dirt. 

The Aero Max Pro S738 cleans up better than traditional mops, that’s for sure! The best part - it allows you to switch seamlessly between dry and wet vacuuming (deep cleaning mode). It’s also suitable on most surfaces around the house, the living area, kitchen and even the bathroom. 

Two cleaning modes: 

Normal Cleaning Mode (turns white): Use it as a regular vacuum. It tackles all dust, debris, food (cereal, crumbs, hair, pet fur) and residual dirt. 

Deep Cleaning Mode (turns red): Switch to get water ejection, and mop up all the stubborn stains at home. It mops up spills (milk, instant noodles, eggs, baby food) and sprays approximately 80ml of water out in this mode.

Vacuum Instant Noodles


Not just one, but two water tanks!

Can two water tanks can be better than one? Here’s how! Add water into your clean water tank (600ml) and while you’re cleaning, all the dirt and residue will flow into the dirty water tank (550ml). Say Goodbye to cross-contamination of water. 

Gone were the days when you'd have to bring a bucket of clean water around and change the water regularly to mop the whole house. Remember how troublesome that was? There's no need to wring the mop whenever it's dirty, Aero Max Pro S73 handles everything for you! 

Floor Washer Vacuum Cleaner

Keep your hands clean, let TurnKey Cleaning Feature do its job

We gotchu’ fam! Let this device do all the heavy lifting on your behalf with just one button. You don’t have to get your hands dirty at all! 

When the vacuum cleaner is not in use, you can leave it at the self-cleaning dock station. The TurnKey Cleaning Feature has three stages: water spraying, self-cleaning and water absorption. It takes a total of 2 whole minutes, how convenient! 

Floor Washer

Ergonomically designed for all

The Aero Max Pro S73 is lightweight and ergonomically designed for smooth vacuuming and mopping while preventing accidental water splashing. It’s suitable for all ages, even the teenagers at home can use it. 

Aero Max Pro S73 also has a roller brush speed of 28000rpm/min. It cuts down the time to vacuum too!

Photo idea: Elderly or teen using the vacuum. Or the features of the vacuum cleaner. 

1-to-1 exchange within 14 days? Sure or not??

All of MMX Malaysia’s products come with a local manufacturer warranty and 1-to-1 exchange within 14 days, no questions asked. Contact their customer service within 14 days if you find it faulty, and get a brand new product delivered from their HQ in Klang, Selangor.  

MMX’s customer service replies within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays), super-efficient la! 

What else is there to say? The Aero Max Pro S738 sells itself! Whether you’re a new parent, parents with teenagers, or living with a small or big family, it’s suitable for you!

Now, you can purchase your brand new Vacuum Floor Washer directly through our website!