Best Cordless Vacuum for 2023

Best Cordless Vacuum for 2023

Let’s ring in 2023 with high-performance cleaning with our list of Best Cordless Vacuum for 2023.

Cordless vacuums are low maintenance, easy to bring around the house and, most importantly, eliminate many harmful allergens from your home. These devices can be stored easily (no cables to worry about), and you can cover a greater surface area. 

Clean anywhere, anytime with MMX’s range of cordless vacuums. Choose the best one that fits your budget, needs, and house size. Are you looking for a high-powered one that can be used on multiple surfaces around the house? Or are you looking for a vacuum that doubles as a mop? Or perhaps a portable one that’s handy in cars? 

Best Cordless Vacuum for 2023

Here are our Top Cordless Vacuums for 2023: 

Below RM700

MMX Cyclone Aero Pro A28 (RM668.88)

If you’re looking for the best high-powered cordless vacuum in town, the MMX Cyclone Aero Pro A28 is the ultimate choice. With a whooping 28kPA suction power, Smart Inverter Cyclone BLDC Motor with a high-speed rotation, Ultrasonic Airfoil Blades and Auto Dust Detection System, nothing escapes this handheld cleaner! 

To top it off, this exquisite model comes with a Big Soft Roller Brush (detachable) that is gentle on all surfaces, and its anti-hair tangle feature is a life-saver for us long-hair ladies. Alternatively, this would be ideal for homes with furry friends too! 

The Cyclone Aero Pro A28 comes with multiple accessories to assist with different areas of the house. It also includes the mite brush, mop brush, and sofa brush. 

As this model is one of the more powerful ones on this list, you can choose from four speed modes - slow-speed, normal, high-speed and auto. However, note that the faster the speed, the shorter the run time. 


MMX Aero Pro S23 (RM599)

Who doesn’t love a vacuum that can clean up dust, while also vacuuming messy spills? MMX Aero Pro S23 is a great model to get for dry and wet vacuuming! 

This model with 23kPA suction power motor also comes with removable water tanks. You can add water and cleaning solutions into your 250ml clean water tank, and watch as the 100ml dirty water tank collects all the grime. Thanks to the spinning mop maps, you’ll be cleaning up to 7-10 cubic meters per minute.

Aero Pro S23 also comes with an advanced cleanable HEPA filter, which helps to keep our indoors clean and homes safe. In addition to removing dusts, this will also help those with sensitive nose and allergies. 


Below RM400


MMX Cyclone Plus A23 (RM398.88)

MMX Cyclone Plus A23 is the best 2-in-1 (Mop and Vacuum) cleaning device to have in your home. Unlike its predecessors, this model’s battery life is extended to 50 minutes for auto mode and 25 minutes for high-speed mode. Furthermore, the charging time is reduced to 2-3 hours compared to 4-5 hours for standard vacuums. That reduces a lot of time spent charging, and you can plan your day efficiently! 

Say Hello to a whooping 23kPA suction power motor, two speed modes (Auto Dust Sensing Mode and High Speed), and a fluffy roller brush with anti-hair tangle technology. All the great benefits are packed into one! 

 MMX Aero Pro S23 (RM398.88)

Similar to the Cyclone Plus A23, the MMX Aero Pro S23 is also another great household device to keep your home spotless. While these two models share many similarities, the MMX Aero Pro S23 comes with LED floor lights for easy manoeuvring around the house. 

Battery life is indicated by the colours on the LED Lamp. For example, 0-39% will turn the LED Lamp red, indicating that the battery is dying. It’s a fantastic way to track the battery levels as you’re using it! 

This model also can include the Super Mop attachment (Only for the full set, which is priced at RM668.88), and it allows you to spray water and clean up any spills! 


Below RM100 

MMX Cyclone Lite A8 (RM98.88)

Introducing the best lightweight handheld vacuum suitable for those with a small budget. At only RM87.88*, it is excellent for small messes in your home. 

This device may be small, but it’s mighty - 9kPA suction power. Use it on your sofa, upholstery, underneath furniture, mattress, office tables and even inside your car! 

Its convenient size makes it easy to transport around, thus making cleaning a breeze. 

Brighten your home by choosing from four vibrant colours - Fossil Grey, Veronica Purple, Magenta Pink, and Crimson Red. MMX Cyclone Lite A8 uses the No-Bag™ method of dust collection, emptied with a single-release button. This compact device also comes with a 2-in-1 brush nozzle, extra nozzle, HEPA filter and USB charger.

With several cordless models to choose from, we hope this article helps you choose the right one for your home. All MMX products come with a local manufacturer guarantee too, you don’t have to worry.