The only 3 in1 vacuum cleaner Malaysians will ever need!

The only 3 in1 vacuum cleaner Malaysians will ever need!

3-in-1 coffee may be a lifesaver for busy days, but have you used a 3 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner? It’s *chef kiss*. It helps to spray, mop and vacuum. Or all three at the same time!

Malaysians will love MMX’s Aero Pro S23 vacuum cleaner, this model allows you to switch seamlessly between the Wet and Dry Vacuum.

3 in 1 Vacuum Cleaner You’ll Need

But wait…Can this model do it all???

Yes la, trust us! Here's why:

Vacuum. Wash. Mop. Or all together! 

    This isn’t your average vacuum cleaner, Aero Pro S23 doubles as a mop. Spray water and mop up spills such as eggs, coffee, and even your favourite bubble tea! Clean up to 7-10 cubic meters per minute with the Spinning Mop Pads!

    If you’re wondering how it does all of that, Aero Pro S23 comes with removable water tanks for easy cleaning. Add clean water into your 250ml clean water tank (include your cleaning solutions here), and all the pollutants will go into the 100ml dirty water tank.

    Get up to 23kPA suction power

    Next up, the Aero Pro S23 vacuum cleaner is also one of the most powerful additions to MMX’s wireless vacuum series. A whopping 23kPA suction power motor is all you need to clean up! Let the Aero Pro S23 suck up all the dirt and debris. This includes pet food debris, pet hair, nuts, and specks of dust. 

    If you have long hair or pets around the house, don’t worry! This model will be able to pick up long tangled hair and those pesky pet hairs that appear everywhere in the house.

    Inventive and Intelligent  

    Smart watches, smart TVs, smart washing machines, why not add smart vacuum cleaners to your list? Aero Pro S23 is equipped with LED lights to help illuminate every dark corner for easy cleaning. Even if the cleaning bug hits you at midnight or the wee hours of the morning, the LED lights will be a great help! 

    The LED Lamp also indicates battery levels: 

    Red: 0-39%, it’s low on battery and needs to be charged. 

    Purple: 40%- 74%, sufficient battery 

    Blue: 75% and above, fully charged

    Fun fact: This model also automatically adjusts the speed mode (Auto Mode or High Speed) according to the dust levels, easy peasy la! Just let the vacuum do its job.

    It comes with a full set of accessories! 

    3 in 1 vacuum cleaner

    One vacuum cleaner, multiple accessories. With this vacuum set, you’ll get these accessories - Super Mop, Dust Mite, Crevice Tool, Soft Fluffy Brush and Brush Tool.

    Found some spiderwebs on your ceiling? Just pick up the brush or crevice tool and transform it into a handheld vacuum to eliminate the pesky spiders. PS. You can also vacuum the gaps between car seats and the seats themselves. 

    Dust mites all around? Switch to the Dust Mite Brush and clean your sofas, mattresses and upholstery.

    Top-notched after-sales service by MMX

    Received your Aero Pro S23 vacuum cleaner but one of the parts isn’t working properly? MMX guarantees a 1-to-1 exchange within 14 days, no questions asked. Walao, where can you find such a deal? All you have to do is contact their customer service within 14 days and get a brand new product! That’s the best kind of service. 

    All products have a local manufacturer warranty guaranteed. MMX has you covered. 

    It’s time to upgrade your old vacuum cleaner with MMX’s Aero Pro S23! Lai lai, get yours before stocks run out.